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The city has always been the backdrop for our social lives, imbuing them with meaning and purpose. But in this time of profound transformation, our homes are reemerging as a central location for professional endeavors, personal lives and leisure pursuits. Of course, we still love to travel, but more than anything, we need living spaces that can accommodate all the diverse aspects of our lives. Places where people can come together into a vibrant carousel of generations. As humans, we not only dress ourselves, but we also shape and inhabit the spaces around us. These spaces should be a source of serenity and beauty, crafted from the finest and most authentic materials. As Leonardo da Vinci that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

That is where Hartis comes in. Hugo Besnier founded this international luxury Maison on the idea of
inhabiting life. Its launch began with the creation of furniture collections to play with the intimate and the
apparent, the simple and the authentic.


After founding Hartis at 21yo in 2021 as a self-taught designer, Hugo Besnier embodies the spirit of his generation. He knows that nature is a jewel to be nurtured and preserved. That is why all of Hartis’ furniture is made-to- order locally from sustainable materials like wood, leather, wool, stone, and cashmere. The nobility of materials is my obsession.

The "Tour de Mains" collection is a tribute to artisan artists and their exceptional know-how. It is a signature collection of luxury furniture that exudes comfort and elegance. And these creations have multiple functions and varied design possibilities that offer everyone the freedom to dream. 

With their innovative designs and exceptional quality, these creations serve as a reflection of the evolving
desires and aesthetics of the contemporary world.

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