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Sense of responsibility,
quest for authenticity,
and respect for time,
are the roots of Hartis, 
that seeks in every creation,
to be friend with nature.
We want to create by leaving a positive impression on our world.
Women and men,
communities where we are,
and materials sourced in our natural environment are,

since the begining,
our fellow travelers.
They are more than ever at the heart of our attention.



With the highest attention,
Hartis selects craftsmen who handmade the pieces for our Maison.
This choice relies on strong responsible commitments.

The first one is naturelle the quality of their savoir-faire,
the high precision of their actions and techniques,
their capacity to make every dream comes a unique object.

Each artisan 
has to be commited in an indisputable reponsible way.

They have to work with methods and materials
that never go against the planet.

Hartis wants to be a fellow traveler of craft of excellence
that replaces each savoir-faire where it comes from.
Oak is work in France by our cabinetmakers,
cashmere, in the hart of the Himalayas...

Hartis involves the best artisans in an economic model
that equitably values the knowledge, skill,
and the intellectual engineering invested in any creation.


Our Maison chooses its materials with high respect of Nature
and the Living.
We make sure to mix purity and nobility
in every creation. 
Our wood comes from eco-managed European forest.
We also make sure to only use the best animal matter, 
in terms of quality
and of living conditions of animals.

Efforts are being made to limit the use of plastics
across our value chain

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