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Inspiring Beauty exists at the very core of Hartis. It is the guiding force from which our innovation, aspirations, and ongoing legacy unfold. As we continue to extend the limits of possibility, Inspiring Beauty will forever remain our ultimate pursuit.


We feel a deeply need to define a style connected to our world, our own style. To show that we can embrace the contradictions of our time, bring them and inspire ourselves. We dream of carrying a possessed heritage and expand it to the future. We do not want to divert, break, but deal to try to go further. To embody its editorial line, Hartis joins high-craftsmanship and connects it to high technology, by listening to the wishes of each client with attention.



Sense of responsibility,quest for authenticity,and respect for time,are the roots of Hartis, that seeks in every creation,to be friend with nature. 


We want to create by leaving a positive impression on our world.  


Women and men, communities where we are,and materials sourced in our natural environment are, since the begining, our fellow travelers.


They are more than ever at the heart of our attention.

Nature colorée


Artisans are key women and men. Artisanat is in Hartis' name, in its genes. We develop respect for careful work, quest for excellence and a serene bond with time. Here is the Hartis project, compensate for sedimentation of an acquired culture,

to expand our creations and to surprise more.

Métaux en fusion. Pierres précieuses. Bois rares.

Laissez les matières d'exception vous servir de muse. 



Hartis claims sophistication Remember Leonard Da Vince quotation: « Simplicity is suprem sophistication ». We are sophisticated. It is the ultimate expression of intense creativity which brings forth and gathers all the beauties that  have been invented until then, to go higher and make them beautiful, sophisticated and fair. Participants of the Hartis project, like Knights of the Round Table, carry in them faithfulness, beauty and honesty, have a taste for effort, the desire to work towards perfection. Hartis is and will be a manner to do and to be, aligned with our values: honnor, creativity, craftsmanship, pleasure. Hartis celebrates beauty for the comfort and pleasure of our patrons.

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