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Hartis creations are characterized by a constant seek

for a balance between strength and delicacy.


Thus, the angular features always mix with roundness

that bring softness to the shapes.

Hartis invite you to ramble.

Martel armchair Hartis_edited.jpg

Our graze is grasped by the Martel Armchair,

in solid oak and handworked with a gouge.

Its wooden armrests pierce the backrest.

At the bottom of its feet are laid thick leather skates.

Its coast overlays layers of moss

that provide a feeling of softness.

The Chanfrein Desk is assembled in natural solid oak.

It is laid on eight feet of hand patinated steel.

It looks stable and proud.

The subtle inlay of calf leather is an ode to the beast within,

the wood is protected with a natural matte oil.

Chanfrein Desk Hartis
Aplomb dining armchair Hartis.JPG

Take a seat on the Aplomb Armchair,

in solid oak,

it is as elegant as comfortable.

The Aplomb Armchair comes with a removable calf leather seat

for an elevated experience off comfort.

Let your eyes wander at the Organique set of coffee tables.

Thanks to the inlaid glass, 

the black nickel-patinated steel

and the Zimbabwe granite, 

these three tables run in circles,

and almost seem to dance.

Organique Coffee Tables Hartis

But perhaps you prefer the Aplomb Chair.

It will be happy to welcome you.

Look at the Ossature Armchair.

It is made of solid hand-worked oak

and of wool and linen fabric. 

Ossature Armchair.JPG
La Danse Cobalt Rug Hartis

Thibault DLL for Hartis


inspired by the meeting of the Atlantic Ocean

and the Nabi Desert (Namibia),

the Cintrage side table reveals a marquetry top

composed of 218 strips of varnished raised leather.



a structure inspired by the buckets

is formed by 8 solid burned and brushed oak planks.



an octagon covered with leather

serves as a storage box.

The richness of the shapes and textures

will make this side table a masterpiece of your decor.

Table Cintrage Hartis.jpg
We keep writing our journey. More noble pieces are coming soon.
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